Who I Am A Man?

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Not again! that’s the only thought that filled my head. As I opened my eyes all I could see is a faint ray of sun spying through the curtains providing just enough light for me make out my surroundings. Depression, it sets in within 30 seconds of me realizing that yet again I’ve allowed myself to drift into another night of unconscious decisions based on how my drinks had made me feel. Pain, now arrives my all too familiar friend Mr. Hangover. It’s not the drinking that’s the problem, I’m a 21-year-old kid in the Navy this is what we do. The Problem, is an un paralleled mix of confidence and lack of self-respect, a free spirit and fight with my faith, a distinct loneliness while consistently being surrounded by people who I consider friends. Everybody matures at their own rate and in many different ways. I believed in who I was, I considered myself to be a man amongst boys! But I would soon find out that I was far from the man I wanted to be. I wish I could tell you that as I sit here in another random house in Chula Vista, Ca that the reason I’m so outlandish is that I’m away from what I love the most, but that would be an easy out from the choices that I’ve made. As I gathered my things and made my way to the front door navigating my way through a field of passed out sailors, beer bottles and random women, I feel a soft hand grab my arm. I turn around to see a beautiful young lady with strawberry blonde hair perched up in a bun high on top her head, wearing what looks to…

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