Who I Am As A Leader

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It is hard to identify a particular “Legacy Leader.” It is especially difficult when I cannot definitively state who I am as a leader. Everyone knows what qualities a Soldier should hold. Most have the desire to be of sound mind and judgment. I always put the troops and the mission first, no matter what the consequences. Primarily, those qualities came from one of the best platoon sergeants I have worked with as a Soldier and a Noncommissioned Officer (NCO). Sergeant First Class (SFC) Michael Habel always did what needed to be done for his Soldiers and to get the mission done. He is unquestionably the driving force behind who I am as a noncommissioned officer. SFC Habel had extensive knowledge. I was one of the first Soldiers in the 110th Chemical Battalion, Technical Escort Unit (TEU) and it was a newly activated unit. We built everything from the ground up. I was a young Specialist when I first met SFC Habel. He volunteered to be transferred from a senior TEU in Maryland to assist. There was not a question you could ask about the job in which he would not have an answer. The way SFC Habel responded to queries were with such certainty. He gave clear guidance and examples. The battalion and company commanders would go to him for his professional opinion. He trained all of us in the unit on how to operate in a TEU. When Soldiers from my group went to the Technical Escort school, we already knew the tasks. SFC Habel had an even temperament. He did not raise
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