Who I Am As A Student

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Spending a whole year in your class should be pretty amazing. Considering you seem like a laid back teacher. I just hope my predictions are correct. Not only are you going to see me almost every day for about 7 months, you are going to see me on my bad days, good days, and I just don’t want to be at school days. So take a seat and get ready to read an essay that only shows most of who I am. In this essay you are going to figure out who I am as a student, and how my life at home is, and what I expect you to do as a teacher this year. To start this off I am a person not just a student. With that being said, you should treat every person different considering everyone is not the same. Me as a “student” I would consider myself an independent worker. I do not have a problem working with groups, but if I had an option I would most likely work independently. One thing you will realize throughout these 7 months is that I am fairly quiet, and I mind my own business. Another thing you will realize is that I do wear headphones and I do listen to music quiet a lot. Do not think I am listening to music to drown out your voice; I am just trying to drown out the voices of the student who choose to let their ignorance get the best of them. This is going to be a lot to take in…so get ready. My home life isn’t as bad as I portray it to be. I am blessed to have a roof over my head and clothes on my back, along with food in my stomach. But I have gone through a lot such as my mother’s
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