Who I Am As An Individual

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This paper discusses who I am as an individual, through gender, culture, my worldviews and the difference between me and other people, why Social Work interests me and what ‘fit and proper’ means through the Social Workers Registration Board. The word ‘culture’ can mean many things to different people over the world, most of us are who we are today because of the different ‘cultures’ we have been exposed to over the years through, friends, family and community to name a few. A brief definition of the word ‘culture’ means ‘the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action’ (Culture, 2012). Many of us would share a belief and/or view on situations based on our culture and what we have been exposed to. For example, I discovered some of my culture, values and idea through family, but because I left home at a young age of sixteen, I then learnt different cultures, ideas, beliefs, through friends, community, work and study. As I became older my culture slowly changed as I married, changed country and had a family of my own. Therefore, my culture experiences kept changing with me, for example, my ‘study culture’, turned into ‘primary school and kindy’. Now I am a mother I try and instil some of that into my children as well as allowing them to create their own beliefs and values through their own culture, like school and recreational activities. I believe I knew my gender at a young age, I cannot really say for

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