Who I Am I?

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WHO AM I? Have you ever wondered why you act a certain way or why you react to certain things differently then those who surround you? I have always believed that I was different but what exactly makes me different is what intrigues me. According to the United States Census Bureau there are 7 billion people living on the earth. The personalities of these 7 billion people are all different. Everyone holds personality traits that define who he or she is. But before we begin to define who I am lets find the true definition to personality. The American Psychological Association says “personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.” There are many different theories that can define…show more content…
Individuals who are high in agreeableness tend to help and show empathy for others. This need to help others is the reason why I will become a Doctor in the future. I am a considerate, good-natured, and friendly individual who always tries to maintain positive relationships with others. I truly do enjoy helping others and have noticed that many people trust me. Because of friendliness I have noticed that I have a lot of friends and I am always working in groups with other individuals. A good past experience that exemplified my agreeableness would have to be when I became a Student Ambassador. As an ambassador my job was to create a comfortable environment and keep a student interested in attending UIC. I would also give out tours of certain places on campus. We would at times visit different universities and have team building workshops and competitions. Most importantly I worked in groups with my fellow peers. This past summer we were instructed to meet at Soldier field for the Chicago Football Classic. We were set up, answer questions, and distribute gift bags to incoming high school seniors. When I arrived to the location there was a lot of traffic and many people walking around. I told my driver to just drop me off because I didn’t want her to get stuck trying to coming out. That event shows how considerate I am because instead of being driven to my exact location I was thoughtful enough for my driver. The day was very humid and the sun was out, I knew

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