Who I Am I?

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Who am I? I ask myself that all the time it’s starting to sound like a broken record in my head. Well I will start with my name, my name is Kaleab F. Debebe. Kale-ab Ethiopian name meaning word of God. In Amharic “Kale” means word and “ab” means God. My mother got my name in a dream and I was born on the morning of Ethiopian Christmas. I am that kid his father left at the age of six month and act though that not having a father figure growing up did not affect me. I am that Ethiopian boy who left his home at the tender age of eleven for the dream land. I am that foreigner kid that is motivated, hard worker, and respectful. I am that kid that wakes up every morning and thank God for giving me another day to better myself. I am that kid that believes “everything happens for a reason”, but I am also that kid that wake up every morning to be kinder, faster, stronger, nicer, smarter, and better than what I was yesterday. I wake up every morning to win. My age is pushing, my time is ticking and I am ready to fight for my dream. I am that ticking bomb ready to explode and my bomb is education. There are many things that matters in life, but the most that I give priority in my life are: family, faith, education, hard work, and friends. I’ve lived my life valuing these things most of all. All of the above priorities were instilled and stamped in me by my family, teachers and friends. What matters most to me at this stage of my life is education. According to the dictionary education

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