Who I Am I? Essay

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Who am I? It is funny you should ask because I was just asking myself the same question. How would I define myself In a culture that seems to so easily attach a label to someone or quickly place people into a category? How would I be able to make you understand my place in the world, or my relationship to the world that surrounds me? If I want you to understand and see the “real me” and how I fit into the big picture, I would have to do an immense amount of soul searching. I would have to choose my ingredients very carefully. First and foremost, I need to gain some insight for myself into my true identity. Once that is completed, I can begin the dialog that would accurately describe who I am. Self-perception, that is the key! If a person wants to describe themselves to someone else, they need to understand who they are. Let me try to paint a picture of who I am in a way that will hopefully be an accurate picture of the “real me”. The following article defines in certain terms what I believe makes us who we are, and tells a little of the story of who I have discovered myself to be as I travel along this journey that we call “life”.

The Ingredients When describing myself there is a great deal to consider. As a matter of fact, all the things that make up our identity are very complex and not easily catalogued. The first thing that comes to mind is that people are a product of their environments. Next, you might say that we are a combination of the various…

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