Who I Am I?

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WHO AM I? I was born and raised in Jamaica. I moved to the United States less than five years ago, and like many new immigrants, going through the adjustment into American society of varied cultural background and economic opportunity which far different from what they are already accustomed to, could be challenging. Being already fluent in English may have placed me in a firm footing in the settling in process, but being a matured and level-headed person in her thirties was my strongest edge over the settling in experience. I attribute my sense of independence, strong-willed personality, perseverance and a forgiving heart to the way my parents raised me. Yvonne, my mom, and my dad, Roy were very conservative and strict parents when it came to discipline. As my dad was the main income earner, his role was the sponsor and provider of the family. With this male status as the breadwinner, his authority was expressed the through his actions spoke louder than his words. We would watch the game of cricket, a popular sport in the Caribbean. I followed the game keenly. An unknown sport here in the United States, my enthusiasm for other sports other than cricket have probably waned. I’m no fan of any other sport. My mother is a strong willed person who exudes positivity in the bleakest situation by demonstrating compassion, empathy, integrity and reassurance in the face of extreme and challenging times. I draw on her example in how I treat my co-workers. My passion for home

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