Who I Am My Family? Essay

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Who I am in My Family Web
When I think about who I am in my family, I recall my experiences; the good and bad experiences that have made me who I am today. To begin with, my parents divorced when I was a toddler, so my family consists of the maternal side of the tree; they’re too loud, too proud, and full of drama. I 'm the calm and quiet one, and I 'm not quiet. I 've always been the mature one, who everybody brings their problems to (the confidant). I 'm not sure how I manage to help others solve their problems because I 'm unable to solve my own. People tend to become so wrapped up in life, they become blinded in a sense, overlooking the more important details. My family has been through a lot in the past twenty years. I feel as if I 've been on the outside looking in, uninvolved and unbiased, but present. Sure, all families have brown spots—don’t they? When is a family considered dysfunctional? Is there some secret sauce that makes up a functional family?
I have always been curious about how different my family and my life would’ve been if my parents had a better marriage. I was only three when they divorced, so I missed the opportunity to know my father or any of his family. Aside from my grandparents, mom 's side of the family is loud and hateful. I don’t enjoy being around draining negativity, nonetheless, anytime there’s dissent, I 'm the mediator. I 've always been the release of my family’s emotions, and I suppose mine is my grandparents.
I hardly ever refer to…

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