Who Invented the Pascal Triangle? Essay

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You must have heard of the Pascal triangle, how two numbers above add up to the number below and etcetera etcetera, but do you know the person behind the triangle? Who invented the Pascal triangle? Who turned a calculating machine that only existed in dreams into reality? In this report, we will be investigating, not only about what he invented, but he himself as well. He is Blaise Pascal. Our team had decided to research on a Mathematician, because we believe that there is an inspiring yet neglected story behind every great figure. We specifically chose Pascal because of his well known invention: the Pascal Triangle - many people know a lot about it, but they do not know about Pascal himself. In this report, we aim to dig deeper into…show more content…
After staying for a while in Paris, Blaise’s father, Etienne went into hiding for a period of time because he opposed the King’s Chief Advisor, Cardinal Richelieu’s new tax policy. But soon, Richelieu pardoned* Etienne and even appointed him to be a tax collector in Upper Normandy, causing the Pascals to move again to Rouen in 1640, while Blaise’s sister, Gilberte Pascal, married off and went back to Clermont-Ferrand. Later in his life, Blaise and his sister, Jacqueline moves back to Paris in 1650, followed later by his father. [Education]: After moving to Paris in 1631, Etienne sent Blaise’s two sisters to normal school, while he taught Blaise himself at home. He created his own unique curriculum for Blaise to ensure that he did not need to work too hard. Blaise’s education was concentrated on many different languages, mostly Latin and Greek. His father did not include Mathematics as part of his studies before the age of 15 as he feared that Blaise’s interest in Geometry would distract him from other important subjects. Blaise eventually became curious towards the subject he was forbidden to learn, so he started teaching himself Geometry secretly at the age of 12. Blaise drew Geometric figures on his playroom floor, coming up with different names as a replacement for the standard terms, and even discovering that the interior angles of a triangle added up to the value of two right angles. His father noticed his son’s talent, and finally gave in, giving Blaise a
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