Who Is A Criminal Offender?

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Before we get started ask yourself just one simple question, why would a criminal offender waive their right in obtaining a lawyer and advance forward representing themselves during their criminal trial? After we have taken a couple of minutes to process the above question, the majority of individuals will state that there really is no verifiable reason why someone would turn away counsel unless they were mentally incompetent. Over the years, courtroom proceedings have taken place where individuals like Ted Bundy and Colin Ferguson have made national headlines where they both choose the path of self-representation. However, not only do outsiders recognize self-representation can have a huge impact on one’s case, but all the court systems as well have gained a complete understanding that choices like this can affect one’s future. With society growing more studies and statistics are being developed in regards to what a criminal offender is thinking and why they choose to represent themselves in the court of law.
Living in today’s society there will never be a day in which we will not hear through some form of social media about crimes occurring in and around the community. Growing up we all have learned from our parents, teachers, friends or extended family the importance of why laws are in place, the difference between right and wrong, and why it’s important to be able to live in a safe and secure environment. All these teaching and principles were…
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