Who Is A Doctor?

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I have always wanted to become a doctor. It 's been a great journey for me so far and I have been gratified by all the experiences I have encountered. When I was younger, I had a cousin who was diagnosed with Down 's Syndrome. I rattled the blue toy in front of my aunt’s son and watched as he sluggishly stared at my hand. The baby’s symptoms were hard to miss: weak muscles, flat head and nose bridge, short neck, slanted eyes, and abnormally low outer ears. My aunt was trying to cope with the situation while devastation, guilt, frustration, and grief weighed her down. During this time, I was attending my second year in high school and learned as much about genes and genetic diseases as a high school biology course would let me. Even so, I held on to what little knowledge I had of genetics and gave much thought to the baby I shared genes with who suffered from an extra chromosome. In the course of time, the investment I made in understanding my baby cousin’s illness nurtured my interest in human health and grew into a passion for the field of medicine.

Six years later, I was honored to receive a diploma from the University of Istanbul Cerrahpasa Medical School as a trophy for my eager interest. Not long after graduation, I was working as a general practitioner in a poorer socioeconomic area where I encountered the challenges of serving those who faced the social problems of health in poverty. During my stay, I regularly encountered people who had problems brought on by

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