Who Is A Doctor?

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Stroke into Reality I could never forget the day my grandpa had a stroke. It was petrifying to see a loved one in a horrific situation. This incident had a huge impact on my life, because before this, I wanted to become a doctor; however, I did not fully understand what it took to become a one. However, on the summer of June 2013, I began to understand what qualities and commitment a doctor should have to be considered a doctor. I recall the day very well; it started out as a peaceful day at my Grandparents parents’ house preparing a feast for about 30 family members. It was during the Holy month of Ramadan, when my grandpa decided to throw a feast for his six daughters and four sons, who each had about 5 children. After the meal, the men decided to go to work while the women and the teenage girls went by the next-door neighbor for tea. About 15 children aged from 5 – 12 year -old were left in the house with grandpa. The children were charging from the yard into the house screaming vigorously. My Grandpa was very frustrated by their actions. So, He started shouting “calm down,” however, with that many children it was very hard to control them all. The situation worsened when the children barged into his room and started to slam the door. My grandpa was fierce with their actions and started kicking them into the yard. Afterwards, one of my cousins darted into the neighbor’s house and said “grandpa is very angry at the children. He even kicked them into the back yard and

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