Who Is A Four Year Institution?

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Many first-time freshmen enroll into a four year institution with the belief that they will graduate in four years. Unfortunately, the reality of it is that only a few of those individuals actually graduate in four years. According to “California State University, Fresno: First-Time Full-Time Freshmen Four-Year Fall 2000 to Fall 2009 Graduation Rates”, about an average of 200 students graduated in four years out of about 2,000 who entered. Now you may ask yourself, how is this possible if it is said to be a four year institution? Yes, it may be established and known as a 4 year institution, but that does not guarantee an undergraduate a completion of their degree within four years. There are many contributions that play an important…show more content…
If in the event, you do decide in changing your major, adding a minor and or a certificate; it is crucial to meet with both an academic advisor and your designated major advisor. Meeting with your academic advisor can not only make you more aware of your resources, but also help you acknowledge the GE requirements you must fulfill in order to graduate. However, some majors do require courses that must be taken prior to upper division courses and can possibly also double as both the GE requirements and major requirements. This could save you money and time, which is very valuable throughout your college experience. Meeting with your major advisor is also very helpful because some majors do require courses that are just intended for that major. For instance, the major of Criminology for the first year they require undergraduates to enroll in CRIM 1 and CRIM 2 which are courses that inform and educate students on the criminal system over all. These courses are required for all options and must be taken prior to taking upper division major courses. This is important information because it is essential for staying on track and being aware of the priorities your major expects from you.
Since it is mandatory for me to meet with my advisor each semester because of EOP, I met up with my assigned academic advisor at the beginning of Fall Semester. She advised me to take one criminology
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