Who Is A Hero?

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Who Defines a Hero? A hero can be a hard thing to define. There are so many defining qualities in a hero that it is a vague term. Go around and ask what people feel are the defining qualities of their hero and their answer could be vastly different from the person with who chose the same hero. But, people can give a generally idea of what a hero should be. But what are those qualities that people consider heroic? These qualities that a hero has can be hard to come by but it can be found in any person. To start defining a hero start from the very basic definition of a hero. A hero is a person who is known to be the best of the best and the people of their tribe look up to them (Christie). Heroes got their start in history because the ancient Greeks thought that their heroes had a connection to the gods and they had strength and courage in the critical times during a particularly trying quest (White). Heroes from ancient Greece carried on to modern day heroes through Superman. Superman was based roughly off of Hercules and King Aurthur (Ratliff). Each of these heroes have a few similarities that have always stood out. All three of the heroes were courageous, strong, and noble. These heroes would go out of their way to save even the smallest of lives. After Superman’s first comic book came out children in America moved on from looking up to police officers and firemen and transitioned to looking up to Superman. They shifted over to Superman because what child would not

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