Who Is A Irish Potato Famine?

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Think back to the days before GMOs even existed. Were human beings living way longer and healthier lives? No (well to a certain extent), they were far from living that. People were dying left and right (mostly due to unsanitary conditions and lack of proper medicine). There was also a lot of starvation and malnutrition as crop harvest was dependent on the weather and luck. Now foods can be engineered to survive all sorts of famine and weather issues. Does that make them unsafe for consumption just because a scientist changed the genetic structure? There isn’t a 100% clear cut answer to that and there probably never will be, but we as a community of human beings are much better off taking our chances on GMOs rather than going back to depending on luck for our crops to grow. Does anyone really want another Irish potato famine? Another food supply benefit is the ability to engineer certain crops to contain either more of an already existing vitamin or add one the crop doesn’t normally have. The prime example of this is golden rice, which is genetically modified to contain higher levels of beta-carotene. The rice was engineered to be given to people in areas where vitamin A deficiencies are common (goldenrice.org, 2014). There is controversy surrounding the rice because it’s a GMO, and possibly that overconsumption of vitamin A could occur. Many of the critics seem to be from developed countries who are projecting their own diets onto these developing counties (further

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