Who Is A Leader?

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Many believe that in order to be a leader one must have all the answers; however leadership is more about asking questions than it is about giving answers. The truth is that no person will ever have all the answers in every situation. It is through the process of skilled, intellectual inquiry that leaders are able to guide their teams to success. Inquiry is essential to leadership and should be utilized to foster growth in self, others, and the field in which the leader is involved. The role of a leader can be extremely complex. Leaders must play many roles simultaneously to hold everyone accountable for their duties, responsibilities, and ensure the success of the program. Reflective inquiry like will cause a leader to grow in their craft. What am I doing that is effective? What am I doing that is ineffective? How can I improve my productivity? “Reflection can be integrated into the active process of instrumental problem-solving and can become an integral part of the process of thoughtful action – we assess what we have defined as our options in order to make the appropriate next move” (Mezirow, 1991, p.107). These questions enable leaders to grow and become more effective leaders. Constant reflection, and inquiry is the beginning of problem solving and the key to transformational leadership. Leaders are responsible for inspiring and motivating people towards a task inquiry is the beginning of motivation because one has to ask what task needs to be completed? Why

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