Who Is A Leader?

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Who is a leader? Some may say a father, a husband, a brother, a friend, or even a mentor can all be leaders. Well for the first 30 years of Steve Job’s life, many of those closest to him would say he was none of the above. In fact it was this time in his life that mattered the most. Since the beginning of birth, every event that occurs leads up for a reason and it’s what you do with those events that help shape the leader you are to become. In Steve Jobs case the outcome of events in his life is what made him such a task-orientated leader. Steve Jobs was feared by many and envied by few, yet at the end of his days he was loved by all. Jobs wasn’t always so gifted and talented and certainly had to work hard for his work. Jobs was adopted as a baby to a lower middle class couple and actually didn’t care about school. It was in fourth grade that his teacher had to bribe him in order for him to get the grades to sufficiently pass. He used this incentive as motivation to not only pass the fourth grade but to even skip the fifth grade and move on straight through middle school. After being fed up with being bullied for being the smart kid, Jobs moved to Los Altos. There he began his love for electronics which only further increased after meeting what would be his lifelong friend Steve Wozniak. From the very beginning Jobs had a taste for money and while he would one day choose to make but only $1 a year for being CEO of Apple he knew he could make it big with Wozniak. This is

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