Who Is A Lunch Break?

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After a few hours of filming, we are given a lunch break. I guess now would be a good time to tell Dylan that I can’t go to the premiere with him and ask Tyler instead. I think as I make my way to the snack table.
“Hey Bethany, I can’t wait to go to the premiere with you” Dylan says as he strolls over to me.
“About that, I can’t go with you.” I say nervously. He seems so excited to go with me, I can’t tell him that I am ditching him for Tyler. “ I um... have to go out of town that day”
“Oh, well I guess we can go out or something when you get back” Dylan says dejectedly.
“Yeah, maybe” I reply even though I know it won’t happen. He is a nice guy but he isn’t as good of an actor as me and I need to date someone who will improve my status. I leave Dylan at the snack table and scour the area for Tyler. I locate him near his dressing room and sashay over to him.
“Hey Tyler, Would you like to go to the Optimistic Overtime premiere with me?” I ask with confidence. Evelyn told me that confidence is key when trying to impress someone. He can’t say no to me this way, not that he’d want to. I am a star just like him.
“Sure I guess” he says before slamming the door in my face. I let out a groan of frustration, Why is he so difficult? He should consider himself lucky that I even asked him.
* * * * *
The day of the premiere creeps up on me with no warning and I am completely unprepared. I wish Chloe was here to help me get ready. I rummage through my new wardrobe to find the dress…
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