Who Is A Millionaire?

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In theory at least, it’s possible for anyone to become a millionaire regardless of occupation. All you have to do is save your money diligently, and invest it consistently and intelligently. But there’s no doubt that certain careers lend themselves better to becoming a millionaire than others. Here’s a list of the seven best careers if you want to be a millionaire. When considering these careers, understand that all income figures quoted are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics pages. Some of these careers represent a fast track to millionaire status because of high income. But with many of them, it’s also the fact that they are working in fields that put them in a position to take advantage of the kinds…show more content…
This can include generous stock options in addition to a very high salary. And a self-employed attorney may have major investment opportunities as a result of working with various clients. These investments, by themselves, could present million-dollar opportunities. 2. Engineers Income wise, engineering depends largely on the area of specialization. For example, here are the median salaries in five common engineering capacities: Chemical engineers, $103,590 Mechanical engineers, $95,780 Computer hardware engineers, $110,650 Aerospace engineers, $110,650 Petroleum engineers, $147,520 Above average income isn’t the only reason why the engineering field can be an inside track to millionaire status. Engineers typically enjoy a higher level of career stability than most other fields. In addition, they also tend to be “well employed” - working for companies that not only offer career paths, but also above average benefits. A stable career, with regular double-digit contributions to an employer 401(k) plan, could put an engineer into millionaire status within 20 years. 3. Medical Doctors and Surgeons For 2014, physicians and surgeon earned a median annual income of $189,760. Many specialists earn considerably more. With that kind of income, you are earning close to $1 million every five years. Regular savings and investing will produce a million dollar bankroll in short order. Doctors are also often in a
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