Who Is A Monster?

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I define a “monster” as, someone, or something that sticks out in society and that isn’t normal to an individual person. As such, it will leave an impact on that person and quite possibly will shape or define that person’s actions, behavior and future. I do not believe that a monster is always going to be the stereotypical creature, being or even a specific person. It could very easily be an object, an action or even an idea. I noticed when I was searching through the OED that there were numerous definitions for the word monster. I think that everyone’s definition is going to differ based on their opinions and that goes to the heart of my definition which is that the “monster” is unique to a person. What is a monster to me may not cause any behavior change or reaction from someone else. People interpret words differently and they will give it their own meaning based on what they believe and the environmental context in which they were raised. One definition that I found remarkable in the OED was; “something extraordinary or unnatural; an amazing event or occurrence; a prodigy, a marvel.” This is similar to my definition because I wasn’t thinking of a monster as something scary or bad. Instead, I was thinking of a monster as it relates to the topics: disease/sickness, mental illness, and addiction. Are these things a monster from the start or did they become a monster because of the behaviors that they cause in people when they are either confronted with them personally or
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