Who Is A Political Scientist?

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What is to think like a political scientist? As far as my previous understanding of political science before taking this course was the basic understanding of how, why, where and when politicians started and who forms the politics. Boy, was I wrong? As a matter of fact, after taking this course I have a better of understanding of what the term of thinking like a political scientist. Let’s look into the term. First political scientist study politics in many forms such as addressing the matters of the consequences at the city, state, national, or at the international level. Second, In our text it talked about a political scientist Harold D. Lasswell whom defined political scientist as “Who gets what, when and how”()
• The who is a member of the polity-individuals, groups, corporations, unions, and politicians
• The what refers to government programs, societal resources, access to rights and privileges or something as banal as tax breaks.
• The when of politics, for often the timing of a thing can be as important as the thing itself.
• The how is very important. Political scientist is keenly interested in the process, institutional arrangements and practices through which someone gets something in a polity.
In addition, my understanding of politics has complete been altered by taking this course. I am aware that politics is not just in our political system but also around us. It 's in our economic, social, environmental, society, community, and…
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