Who Is A Potential Entrepreneur?

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I also wonder how the question came up in the first place, in other words how did this hypothesis develop. The comment is so intriguing I would like to know the answer to these and the following questions:
• Was the question developed from an informal observation of someone, who decided to put the question to a formal test?
• To make this determination how was the research done that came to this conclusion?
• Was a formal survey done?
• Over what period of time was this test done?
• What were the parameters used for the control group or groups used in the testing of the hypothesis?
• I would want to know who conducted the survey, were they experts qualified to make this determination?
• What evidence was obtained to come to this final observation?
• Finally, I would want to know how well do the findings hold up to scrutiny?
It is a questionable observation to make. So, it would be interesting to know how valid this point of view is, especially since I am the first born in my family.
Just exactly what is an entrepreneur? This is a question that is difficult to answer because there are so many descriptive words that can be used to answer that question. I believe an entrepreneur is driven to be a visionary creator of ways to manufacture, invent, or market a product or service. “An entrepreneur differs from a business-owner/manager since the former creates something new, while the latter…
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