Who Is A Secret Addiction?

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In my opinion, I 've really enjoyed doing this experiment. Not only did it put me in an addicts shoes but it also gave me the authentic feel on what its like to have a secret addiction. During the long journey of being a three day addict of "Eyscubes", I found it rather difficult. Not only do I feel some compassionate for addicts, but I 've also got an idea what addicts go through on a daily basis. In addition, I also figured out an addicts experience when he or she is trying to figure out who and where to find the next supply from, in this case it was me finding out where to find "Eyscubes", whether it 'll be the fridge,restaurant,cafeteria,store, or someone else. I knew that I had to be very discreet about it and in a timely manner so that I won 't get caught. I also felt awkward,and at times it was tricky, because I had to find ways to get ice when I wanted a beverage even if it were at the school 's vending machine. I had to ask an employee at the cafeteria if she had a cup, so that I can pour the beverage in, while I had a the "Eys cubes" stored in my backpack in a cooler. Then on after, I went to the ladies restroom to pour my beverage in and took a dose of Eys cubes and added to the beverage which was Pepsi. The two most difficult spots was when I was at home and work. One, because I didn 't want anyone to know my addiction, and lastly at work I didn 't want to get fired if they found out that I was doing drugs. During at work I had a craving for my next dose of
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