Who Is Alexander The Great A Military Genius

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The achievements and conquests of Alexander the Great both changed and shaped the world. To many considered the greatest general in history, Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) revolutionized Greek warfare and conquered the greatest amount of territory in history. As a result, Dr. David J. Lonsdale of the University of Hull, sought to discover what made him a military genius. In this book, Lonsdale provides a military perspective of Alexander’s life and conquests. As stated by Lonsdale, his purpose in writing this book was to “increase our understanding of Alexander’s military prowess.” As well as aiming “to avoid any moral judgements about Alexander’s action. Sadly, such judgements do appear in some of this historical works on this subject.…show more content…
Each passage focuses solely on the military aspect and shows the reader the actions and strategies he enacted to come out successful. The lack of moral judgement and the singular focus on just the military aspect influences the book in several ways. For example, because of the singular focus, the book is very objective and concentrated on its purpose. Moreover, that singular focus eliminates most of the bias caused from a person’s moral stance on the actions taken by Alexander. On the other hand, that same singular focus causes the book to be very dry and repetitive at times.
As far as critiquing the book, there is not much to criticize. The book itself is a very easy read that gives the reader information about Alexander the Great from a military perspective. Although the book is very dry at some points, the author succeeds in “increasing our understanding of Alexander’s military prowess” (p.3). In conclusion, Lonsdale provides us with a book that chronicles Alexander the Greats life while providing a strategic analysis of his military campaigns in a manner that is both easy to read and

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