Who Is Alive?-Personal Narrative

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Sticking two black button eyes on our snowman, I turned and gave Charlie a high-five. "Finished!" I said. "And there's not a finer snowman in the whole neighborhood." But Charlie wasn't looking at me. He was staring at the snowman, his face almost as white.

"D-d-d-did you s-s-s-see THAT?" he stammered.

When I looked at what Charlie was looking at I could not believe it. The snowman was alive! How can that be. Me and Charlie looked at each other with are white pal faces and dropped open mouths. When could not believe this there is no way that the snowman could be alive we must be a dream. Then after a few seconds the snowman put out its hand well his stick arm. He wants us to shake his hand I thought this can not be happening there is no
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WHAT there is no way the snowman just talk I thought to me self and Charlie was probably thinking something the same bat right know. I just do not get it how is this even happening then I remember the buttons we put in him were from my grandpas old coat. He used to call it the lucky coat and he would out it on only when I had soccer games or he football team was playing. Two of the buttons came of and he thought the lick was gone and we need some buttons for are snowman so he gave us them that is why frost is alive. I turned around and look at frost and then grabbed Charlie by his coat and started to tell him the…show more content…
So me and Charlie went to it but when we looked at his face one of his buttons was gone but he still was alive. Frost could only move his hands and eyes but could not talk. Charlie went to look around the backyard when I thought about were the other button could think then I remember Parker. He had a button in his hand when he went back inside and there was one by his lamp in his room. I tolled Charlie and went back inside to Parker room to get the button but right before I could colt was home and he said that I did not rake the trash out and I said

Yes I did I just toke it out half an hour ago. Then he left and I heard someone crying and colt came back. We open the door and Parker was there crying. Colt went over to see him and then when we look out the window if was open for some reason and there was frost. I looked at colts face and it is a face I will never forget also I took a picture of it and it will be on his Instagram any time soon thanks to me. But he just Coles the window and put Parker back in his
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