Who Is Amelia Earhart's Catastrophe?

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There are many of unsolved mysteries left behind in U.S. History. To this day, Amelia Earhart’s disaster is left unknown. An abundance of theories has been brought to the surface dating back from 1937. What is the reasoning behind the suspense of her catastrophe? The world may never grasp what exactly happened. Amelia Mary Earhart was born July 24, 1897 and raised in Atchison, Kansas along the Missouri River. From the moment she was brought into the world, family became a huge impact on her life and future decisions. Amelia was named after both grandmothers, Amelia Otis and Mary Earhart. The Otis grandparents welcomed her into their home off and on throughout her childhood years, resulting in a well-developed relationship. As her personality…show more content…
Soon after mastering, she established her trendy aviator fashion statement (Stone 38). At this time in history, Amelia Earhart was a tremendous motivation to assortments of women. Typically, women did not obtain the rights that are abundant in current time. Earhart wished to present an appearance of freedom and independence while sharing her personality of adventure and curiosity (Winters 32). Her initiative established when she earned her pilot’s license May 15, 1923 (Holden 28). During early years of flying, Earhart and her instructor would have a tendency to change the destination mid-flight despite the amount of fuel held in the tank (Stone…show more content…
She was an inspiration to proving that women can do beyond their mindset. Many women came to believe that there would be no rights for women after she died. Earhart was the face of independence, bravery, freedom, and stability all in one (Winters 32). She was so well known that news headlines went up the next day after she was reported lost (Fleming 106). There was no funeral or memorial service because no body was ever found. There were no national tributes or flags lowered because no one wanted to accept she was dead and failed. Two years later, January 5, 1939, Earhart was finally pronounced legally dead upon request of her husband, George Putnam. He spent so much to locate his wife that he eventually became poor from all the expenses of searches (Fleming 109). Some would rather believe that she faked her death because she was simply tired of publicity and live in New Jersey (Fleming

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