Who Is An Organ Donor Right?

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Hero or Heartless Donating an organ, whether it is before or after dead, is seen by society as the right thing to do, but at what cost. Being asked to become an organ donor right before getting our license is almost always a yes. Death is one of the farthest things from our mind and when we are asked this question we would rather live life knowing our organs could be used to save someone’s life. But this simple checkmark or heart can sometimes be used against us; because there are so many people waiting for an organ, doctors have been given the ability to stretch the fine line between life and death. Not signing the donor card can gives us a few more bargaining space. Although both Crystal Lombardo and Dick Teresi speak about the effects of organ donation, Lombardo, author of “11 Major Pros And Cons Of Organ Donation”, points out the importance of becoming an organ donor, while Teresi, author of “What You Lose When You Sign That Donor Card”, describes the complications between doctor and patient. Organ donation is a conscious decision that is not only seen by society as heroic, but often times leave the donor with no pain at all , given they aren’t already dead. The gift of life is a blessing that the donnee will not soon forget; they will be forever grateful. Lombardo reveals, “According to advancingyourhealth.org, a website that tells of both the benefits and risks associated with organ donations, there are as many as 115,000 people in the United States that are waiting
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