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Athena, the greek goddess of reason, intelligence, arts and literature means a lot to me. I feel that I can really connect with Athena. Athena was always a very brave girl, and I see myself as a very brave person. Athena embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity. I feel that I can relate to Athena in many ways. For instance, I feel that I am intelligent, and full of wisdom. Athena was a very sweet and powerful girl and I see myself as that. Athena is known mostly for being very heroic. Feel that I always reach out for people and I always make sure that everyone is happy and okay. Athena also had this owl. The is symbolized normally as very wise. As much as I connect to Athena, I feel that I can also connect to the owl. My family always tells me that I am a very wise child. I…show more content…
My friend and I were in the same position and had to study over the summer to not forget anything, I had come so far to lose everything. My friend and I ended up having to call the camp to be able to get our phones back just to use the app and between my camp schedule, barely having any free time, it was hard to handle. III
When camp ended I started to actually get ready for the special day. I bought my temple dress, and fitted into my party dress, and I got everything planned out. It became something fun and I had something to look forward to. My dress was turquoise with gems and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. I looked up some pretty hairstyles. I am a huge girly girl so this was very fun for me, especially because I love makeup and clothes. It flashed before my eyes. A couple weeks later it was August 28th, the day before my Bat Mitzvah. I didn’t go to school, and I had a dinner. The dinner was at my beach club and I invited a couple of girls to come over and eat dinner with me and just hang out. At this time, I felt ready, and I felt prepared. Then the next day I woke up like it was any other ordinary day but I knew that it was actually

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