Who Is Bilbo's Journey?

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While Bilbo was dreaming of breakfast and his hobbit hole and the dwarves were in the process of getting captured by the spiders, Thorin strayed off the path because he could not see anything in the darkness. Later, when Bilbo was fighting a spider, Thorin realized he dispersed from the group and he was all alone, and so he tried finding his way back but unknowingly ended up going the other direction. At the same time Bilbo is messing with the spiders using his ring, Thorin, after walking a long way north spots a camp a few kilometres ahead. On his way to the camp he encounters a Wood elf named Tauriel, who then cuffs his hands and brings him to the king. “What is your name my dear boy? What is your purpose here? Why have you stepped foot in my forest? Are there more of you?” asked the king very serenely. Because Thorin was very uptight he got himself stuck in a sticky situation. He refused to answer any of the kings questions, and therefore…show more content…
After Bilbo and the dwarves had escaped, and noticed that Thorin was missing, they set out to continue their path and search for Thorin. On the other hand, Thorin waited for days and days to pass by. He wondered what had happened to the group, and if they had also been captured by the elves. He wondered if Bilbo was the one who was holding the group behind. “Why did I ever agree to bring the hobbit along my adventure? It is I who should be the one to decide, not Gandalf as it was my father’s kingdom. Why does Gandalf always act like the leader of this group? He isn't even with us!”, ranted Thorin. As the dwarves get captured by the elves, Bilbo figures that Thorin is also trapped in one of the cages. When he finds Thorin, Thorin hears Bilbo’s voice through the keyhole. This was when Bilbo explains everything to Thorin and comes up with a plan to
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