Who Is Boose In To Kill A Mockingbird

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When I look back on my experience in Maycomb County, I remember the kinds of things people thought of others, just ‘cause they were different, or just ‘cause they didn’t take part in normal things. Arthur “Boo” Radley definitely was one of those people who was judged harshly by “normal” folk. People believed that he was a “malevolent phantom”(8) who committed crimes and “peeped in windows”(9). Even after the real culprit of the crimes was revealed, everyone was “unwilling to discard their initial suspicions”(9). Jem and I also believed it ourselves, completely oblivious to the fact that the town folks’ gossip was nothing but lies. But we realized soon enough that we had only scratched the surface of this one man’s story. One night, Jem and…show more content…
Dubose, one of our neighbors, certainly was a very peculiar woman. She was very old, and seemed very mean and stingy to Jem and I. She also insulted Atticus on numerous occasions for his standing in the trial, and that made Jem so furious that he “cut the tops off every camellia bush Mrs. Dubosed owned”(103). Of course, when Atticus found out about this, there were consequences. Jem was to “come every afternoon after school and Saturdays and read to her aloud for two hours”(105). I chose to go with Jem, just so that he wouldn’t be alone, but that was not the only reason as I soon would find out. I realized that “each day we had been staying a little longer at Mrs. Dubose’s, and that she was well into one of her fits by the time it sounded”(109). At the time, I didn’t understand why this was the case, and neither did Jem. However, Atticus later explained to us that Mrs. Dubose “was a morphine addict”(111). That drug was supposedly for pain, but before Mrs. Dubose died, “she said she meant to break herself of it”(111). Her effort of getting clean of the drug was not a useless one and she “die[d] free”(111). To this day, I still believe that Mrs. Dubose was a great woman, and that she truly knew what it meant to be
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