Who Is Cao Xueqin's The Story Of The Stone

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Before the story begins, there is some background information concerning “The Story of the Stone“. The story is written by a Cao Xueqin. Today it is considered one of the best novels ever written. The story has a total of 120 chapters. Eighty of the chapters are written by Cao Xueqin and the other 40 are written by a close friend. The story starts off with Shinyin having a dream. In the dream there is a Taoist and monk that come to a talking stone. This is a magical stone that was rejected by a goddess. The stone persuades them to take it to the mortal world and they do. The dream ends, but the Taoist and monk appear in real life to Shinyin and give him bad news about his daughter. There are, at this point, two main characters Shinyin and
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