Who Is Captain American

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Captain America asks the viewer to stay passionate. He doesn’t want there to be a third party like incentive. For instance, his friend joined the military and began going out with woman. Woman was his friends incentive to enter into the military. Captain America wants the viewer to remain passionate after they’ve received incentive. In the film, Steve Rogers is, physically, the spitting image of a nobody- of his confidence. Hes pale, and unfit with a small frame and bland words. He doesn't feel he can talk to woman, although he strives to get into the military, he keeps his doubts. But after his transformation into a taller, sweatier, and larger build with more muscle. In that moment he has the confidence to take down a hydra spy.

Ever films end goal is to make you feel something. For example, in annabel, they want to give you goosebumps. In any Nicholas Sparks based film, they want you to feel the intensity of emotions in your chest. Thi film wants you to feel passionate as he does without incentive. Now if you're already someone who's passionate about something that aids the community then you would accept yourself, but if you don't maybe you should, and maybe you should take the empowering movie of Captain America to heart and make a change.
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He doesn’t age as far as appearance is concerned, but he represents adulthood and maturity in the transformation of his body as well as his personality. As far as his comfortability in society, he was- in most situations he shouldn’t have been due to his size, but he was comfortable being in and around others, as well as, after his transformation. His only concern is his worldly concern. Regarding political stance and following laws- he’s literally fighting for america as a nation. Captain america is the ideal official
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