Who Is Charles Sanders Pierce's The Fixation Of Belief

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This essay will explain the title "The Fixation of Belief," by Charles Sanders Pierce. He argues that the method of science is superior to all other methods, due to its ability to establish what is true and what is not true in an objective manner. He argues that since “experience of the method has not led us to doubt it,” the method of science will necessarily lead us to “one true conclusion.”
Peirce regarded logic as an instrument for drawing conclusions from premises. Unlike contemporary logicians, Peirce included in his conception of logic what we would now call epistemological concerns. In particular, he examined the origins of the premises of logical arguments. In his view, progress has been made in securing better starting-points for our reasoning. In Peirce's view, the development of scientific method was largely a development of our
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Logic studies movements in thought. Also, logic presupposes that there is a transition from a state of “unbelief” to a state of belief. The relevant state of unbelief is one of doubt, which is active consideration of the truth of a matter without commitment as to whether it is true or false. No other state of belief would motivate the use of inference. We would like to be able to identify the principles that are implied by the very idea of the passage from doubt to belief. These would be the most essential principles of logic.
Doubts that we have, which give rise to inferences, are manifested through the asking of questions. On the other hand, when we make a pronouncement, we are expressing a belief. Doubt and belief give rise to very different feelings. Doubt is something we try to avoid, because it makes us uneasy and restless. Belief, on the other hand, gives rise to satisfaction. We therefore cling tenaciously to them. This is important because it is beliefs alone that guide our desires and shape our actions. Doubt renders us indecisive and
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