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Leonel Camacho
period 2
February 23, 2016
Into The Wild Essay This book was about a man named Christopher McCandless who changed his name to Alex Supertramp and ventured out on his own. He traveled to Alaska to be in the wilderness where he was later found dead after four months of being there. Some people might say he was a reckless idiot, that however is not the case to other people. McCandless was the master of his own destiny and decided to take control of his own life. He left right after he graduated from college and didn’t tell a single soul where he was going. McCandless was a wealthy son from the East Coast. His father seemed to expect a lot from him and wanted him to do something great with his life. His parents put
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He might have found some happiness with Borah when he was with her and her children. He told her a lot of things and would in a way vent to her. They were an on and off couple. He found some joy when he was working with Wayne Westerberg and his wife too. That little town earned a spot in his heart because he promised to come back and help them. Chris McCandless was seeking in the wilderness for peace of mind. He was trying to find himself and what made him happy and want to go on living. When he says his parents didn’t understand him he was probably being fake and not himself. He got tired of being their “perfect” son and did not want to continue living a lie. He faked a “little” trip for the summer and disappeared without a trace. Some may think that McCandless did find what he was looking for before he died. He found that happiness was best when shared with loved ones. He would write things in his journal and his attitude in a way changed towards the end. He was hurt and wanted help he wrote a letter asking for someone to help him because he was weak. He wrote his last note and signed it with his birth name instead of “Alex Supertramp”. He knew then that he found what he was looking for, but sadly it was too late for him to share it with
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