Who Is Chris The Best?

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I first met Christopher Bautista at Welcome Days (orientation) for college, he was in my group which focused with people wanting to pursue mathematics and science. My first impression of Chris, was that he seemed like a very quiet and reserved person. When asked what he would like to be called he responded “Ice Cream Jimmy” this made me think he was the kind of person who likes to make others laugh. Four weeks later, I can still say we are adapting to the college life, yet I can not say I’m close to Chris, but I think I was correct about my predictions at Welcome Days. Over the weeks, I’ve noticed Chris is a reserved person, but once you get to know him, he starts opening up more. Now, let’s take a look at his top strengths: woo, communication, positivity, strategic, and restorative. I will get to analyze and understand Chris’ personality better through this paper, understanding each of his top strengths. Chris’ first top strength is “woo.” My first reaction was “is that even a word?” The dictionary definition of woo is to seek the favor, affection, win, and persuade. Woo also stands for winning others over, this can apply to a new friend or a teacher. However, Chris said he does not necessarily try to “win” others over, unless there is a certain group that he is particularly drawn to. Once he has made a friend, to the point they are considered “an old friend”, the book states that people with this strength usually wrap up and old friendship and move on. This is not true…

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