Who Is Considered An Indian

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What or who is considered an Indian is something that many people have asked. But is there one clear concise answer? No, there is not one answer that can define what an Indian is. This could range from person to person and how they define themselves or this could be a definition of what the acts define them as. The government prefers to go with the definitions of the acts. Not what people define them as. If you say your First Nations but according to the act your not defined as an Indian then you don 't get status. So what is the definition you ask? These are the definitions, the term Indian can be spilt into 3 different terms: First Nations, Metis, and Inuit.

First Nations: First Nations can be defined as many terms. It could be the
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Someone on the reserve would be considered a 6-1 if they only have full blood of a first nations person. If they have both white blood and first nations blood or blood of another thats not first nations they you are considered to be a 6-2. A 6-2 is considered status under the law and the government, but if a 6-2 has a child with a non status then that child will not be status. If a 6-2 has a child with a 6-2 then that child will be a 6-1. Some other names for First nations people are Indians, Natives, Native Canadians, Native Americans, American Indians and Amerindians, most of these are names that First Nations people don’t like. They prefer the First Nations because it doesn’t have any other means of down grads people. Some of these terms like Indians or Natives can refer to other peoples like Metis or Inuit. Back before the last act the government struggled with definitions of what a First Nations person is. It went between being someone who lived on a reserve to someone who lived or acted a certain way. Even at one point it was even only men and some women who had status. If women married a non status man she would lose her status.

Metis peoples are a little bit easier to explain. They are half First Nations half French. Metis peoples were found out during the Red River. When the French moved over to live and married First Nations peoples. There children were then considered Metis because they didn’t really fit into
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