Who Is Coriolanus

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Coriolanus is a “viper that would depopulate the city and be every man himself”. This will be argued in reference to Coriolanus as a whole. When the play opens, the audience witnesses Coriolanus, or Caius Martius, as he was known before Corioles, being very dismissive to the people of Rome. He goes so far as to insult the Plebians the moment he steps into the scene calling them “rogues” and says that they must “make themselves scabs”. One can definitely see that he is not very pleasant to anyone. Coriolanus admits that it would be better to “hang ‘em” than to fulfil the Plebians wishes for more grain. When Coriolanus is leading his men in the battle in Corioles he insults them instead of inspiring them. He threatens the soldiers saying if they retreat he will “take him for a Volsce” and those soldiers will “feel mine edge”. One can see that he would “be every man himself” instead of trying to…show more content…
He will not “entreat them” with his “wounds’ sake” and he will not humiliate himself in front of people he finds inferior. One can see that he is not one that will do things for the people. When Coriolanus is accused of treason and tyranny by the Tribunes he loses his temper and lashes out calling the Tribunes a “wretch”. He will “shake thy bones” meaning Sicinius and Brutus, “out from their garments” in retaliation for accusing him of being a traitor. One can see that he will “be every man himself” rather than face a trial. Coriolanus’s anger at the people who banished him and ultimately Rome, set him on a path of destruction. Coriolanus acknowledges that “my birthplace hate I” and that he would “fight against his cankered country” and see it destroyed. One can see that he “would depopulate the city” instead of forgiving the people. By going to Aufidius to help him in capturing Rome Coriolanus feels as if “you bless me, gods” and he is
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