Who Is Dr. Gachet

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Vincent Van Gogh is a widely known painter throughout the world for multiple reasons. His paintings weren’t just paintings, they were life experiences. Van Gogh’s life was an emotional and mental rollercoaster. Every single one of his paintings contained a story behind them. The visual aspect seemed as if they were full of motion. His painting techniques seemed to be impeccable. During the time period in which he was working on art, there was a big movement called the Impressionism Movement. This movement inspired artist to draw more landscapes and incorporate motion into their art. Van Gogh took full advantage of this movement. Van Gogh’s hard life and painting strategies are what made him so amazing as an all around artist. One of Van Gogh’s…show more content…
When looking at the painting, dark blues consume most of the image. The portrait of Dr.Gachet is painted with a sad, gloomy expression on his face. The painting, by Van Gogh, has a strong connection to Vincent’s personal life and relationships. This allows Vincent to apply his feelings and experiences through the art. Dr.Gachet was a close friend of Vincent’s brother Theo. Dr.Gachet was an actual doctor that focused on homeopathic cures. He brought Vincent into his own home to try and assist with his severe condition of depression as much as he possibly could. With living in a house together Vincent and Dr.Gachet became close friends. Dr.Gachet even began painting as a side hobby. Vincent would often show Dr.Gachet some small techniques when it came to painting. Dr.Gachet became a man the Van Gogh became slightly attached to. The look on Dr.Gachet’s face in the portrait is supposed to resemble the sadness that Van Gogh had felt. Vincent felt as if his depression may have worn off on the doctor. In the article Portrait of Dr.Gachet(July 2006) by Sandra Bertman, it states, ”Van Gogh felt particular affinity for him on account of their similar bouts with depression and their dependency on their vocation for emotional and intellectual fulfillment”(para.3). With knowing the background of Dr.Gachet’s
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