Who Is Federally Licensed Tax Practitioners?

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Enrolled Agent is a title given to those who are federally licensed tax practitioners. They are those who represents the taxpayer before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They are experts and very intelligent in the taxation area. Enrolled Agents duties range from preparing tax returns, to representing clients in audits cases, collections and appeals. The Enrolled Agent title comes with many education or exams, qualifications, experience and a certain level of ethics. The Virginia Society of Enrolled Agent (n.d) website states: The Enrolled Agent profession dates back to 1884. Congress acted to regulate persons who represented citizens in their dealings with the Treasury Department, after questionable claims had been presented for Civil War losses. This Congressional regulation made Enrolled Agents the first to be appointed as representatives; CPAs and attorneys being given this right later (para. 1). After many cases with the IRS, someone had to be appointed to be the connection between the people or business and the IRS. Enrolled Agent was the name given to the selected person. Obtaining such title and maintaining it simultaneously is very hard because it requires very high ethical standards, harsh comprehensive tests and continuous education. Once obtained, it is the best job for an accountant. It comes with many benefits including an increasing essential for representation, credibility and experience in accounting. In the modern economy, many people and firms are

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