Who Is Francis Marion?

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Who is Francis Marion?

Hunter Ellis
History 441: South Carolina
November 29, 2016

Who was the man behind the myth of the “Swamp Fox” and what is the legend of the general? Francis Marion was born February 26, 1732 in Berkeley County, South Carolina to a family of plantation owners. Not much is known about his early life before he began his military career. The only information that is known is that from the manuscripts of the men who served with him. What he is most known for are his accomplishments as a military leader and a solider. General Tarleton of the British forces, stated, about Francis Marion, that “as for this damned old fox, the devil himself could not catch him” this statement was the beginning of his nickname the “swamp Fox”. He was not just this myth of a General of the American Revolution he was just an everyday American who just happen to be very good at his craft of being a military leader and strategist. And who’s legend is shadowed in both fact and fiction through the years of time. In the beginnings of Francis Marion’s life, he was raised much like most other children during the 1700s. Getting his first taste of the planter’s life on his family plantation in Berkeley County, South Carolina. His father Gabriel Marion married his mother Esther Cordes in 1715, both of which were first cousins. Esther Marion gave birth to six children Francis was the youngest of all the Marion children. The family lived on their Berkeley Plantation
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