Who Is Frank Nitti?

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Organized crime was has flourished in the united states for the past century. There have been countless investigations and studies conducted on this topic. Organized crime is composed of numerous ethnic and transnational groups operating together or apart with legitimate and illegitimate businesses and political entities (Lyman, M. D. ,2015). The media has glamorized these criminals creating the idea that they are like the lone wolf, or Robin Hood of society. One of the most iconic depictions of organized crimes can be seen by the mafia movies, and stories. This paper will discuss the mob man known as Frank ‘The Enforcer’ Nitti. In addition, the paper will go into detail on who this man is, what he specialized in, what his organization was, who hung around him and also give police officers a profile on this criminal.
Who is Frank Nitti?:
Francesco Raffaele Nitto (Frank Nitti) was born on January 27, 1886 in the country of Italy. At the age of seven, frank, his mother and older sister immigrated to New York to be with their step father. The family had hopes of living the American dream. Once in the United States, Nitti went to work as a bowling alley pinsetter, then was a factory worker and later became a barber. Due to the fact that frank could speak and write in English he was considered the most job prosperous member of his family. Consequently, Nitti dropped out of school in order to be able to work more. During his teenage years frank continued to work as a
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