Who Is Hamlet Who's To Blame?

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No doubt, Hamlet was used to living in a delusion of people being killed by poison that he probably had to watch his back. He started to develope a dark sense of humor and made bad puns. "What is your affair in Elsinore?" he asks a visitor. "We'll teach you to drink deep ere you depart." Not the kind of guy you would want running your Chamber of Commerce, no. But pretty well-suited for life in a polluted world -- the kind of guy who could get mugged and make jokes about it, who would cheer everybody up by making bright little cracks about the diminishing ozone layer and acid rain and garbage barges everywhere you turn (Mcleod, E1).
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Hamlet always waited on something to happen but he doesn’t do well when it comes to Ophelia.
It’s clear that he contradicted
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As Hartley describes in The
Shakespearean Dramaturg, true historical reconstruction is an unattainable goal. While it is
Nard 7 possible to superficially recreate approximations of the material conditions of Renaissance performance with the costuming, physical stage, and music, we cannot reconstitute the cultural conditions of the individuals who lived them. References that feel archaic to us were topical and contemporary to a Renaissance audience. Further, their understanding and perception of the early modern experience is unknowable to us (Lodewyck 44): their very bodies were different from ours because they thought about them differently, saturated as they were with ideological pressures of church, state, economics, the vestiges of feudalism, and so on. Such things shaped their sense of self in ways that rendered their brand of subjectivity significantly different from ours. Consider, for example, how Renaissance standards of hygiene, the absence of flushing toilets, the infrequency of bathing, the fact that many people would own only two or three complete changes of clothing, the lack of anything resembling modern sanitation or
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