Who Is Irish? By Gish Irish

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Sakna vour
ENG 125
Sept 27, 2017
Negative Attitudes
Culture shock is a normal problem for every immigrant. When you move to live in the other country, you will have to learn about new people, new culture, new language, and environment. Some immigrants are adopted after they live in that culture for a while, but some are not because they preserve the own culture. So, they will have to face an issue of culture interacting. The story “ Who is Irish?” by Gish Jen is a story that demonstrates the controversial conflict culture of a sixty-eight with her daughter and her granddaughter. The grandmother maintains her Chinese culture, and she doesn’t open her mind to other culture. The grandmother tries to raise her granddaughter with her
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She always criticizes her son in law family and her granddaughter behavior. She criticizes the Shea family are lazy, not hard working. For example, in the story " I just happen to mention about the Shea family, an interesting fact, four brothers in the family……but every one of them is on welfare" ( Jen 4). She is too much involved in other personal life. Moreover, She always criticizes her granddaughter so wild, stubborn, and or being like a beggar. For example " But Sophie is wild, Sophie is not like my daughter Nathalia or like me……Sophie now is walking around with no shoes like a beggar"(Jen 1, 8). Sophie is just a little girl, so she should not judge her that way. Also, it seems normal to her culture when the grandmother judges on someone, but it is so rude and of defensive in American culture. She would feel the same way if other people criticized her. So, judgment is another unappropriated behavior of grandmother. Lastly, a significant unappropriated behavior of grandmother is being racist. She always thinks that her culture and her group of people are superior to other culture. She is using skin color, the culture, and the place that they were born to describe people. She only thinks Chinese culture and skin are the best. For example, in the short story "My little brown granddaughter, she is so precious to me...I don't know how she comes out so brown" (Jen 7). She seems so frustrated about Sophie brown
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