Who Is Italy Racist?

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Italy was a country in turmoil, they had witnessed five different presidents since 1917, the country was divided and no government had ever gained majority in the House of Deputies, thus causing coalition agreements between the parties. Due to the coalition governments, the political leaders were not able to achieve any stable goals and improve the conditions of the country, politics had become polarised. Therefore the people of Italy had to look for alternative governing bodies, to improve the turmoil in which they found themselves. Socialist groups began to witness an increase in members and riots spread throughout the country. While the fascist organisations had witnessed an upsurge in numbers, which resulted in the mass being drew away…show more content…
He was considered indecisive and easily swayed. This was evident when Prime Minister Luigi Facta requested martial law to eliminate violent fascists. However the king changed his mind within eight hours of granting it. The majority of the Kings family were fascist sympathisers and the king feared that he would be replaced by his cousin the Duke of Aosta, who was also a fascist sympathiser. The king had also been given conflicting reports in regards to the fascist march and the attitude of his army towards the fascists. Which led the King to overestimate the fascists and consequently beginning to worry that the country was on the verge of civil war. Therefore in October 1922 Mussolini threatened to march on Rome, if he was not appointed Prime Minister. Consequently the king agreed and appointed Mussolini as Prime Minister. It was legal according to the Italian Constitution as he was appointed directly by the king himself. Although it appears Mussolini’s rise to power was inevitable, if the government or even the king had took action in the events leading up to Mussolini’s appointment, the outcome could have been very much
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