Who Is Jason Smith?

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Jason Smith was like any other child, with a good family, a caring father, a loving mother, and a younger sister. His parents were so caring that even Jason’s nest friend Mikey was taken in by them. They had taken in his friend just to give him a better life. He also had that one problem relative that all of us has in one way or another. His uncle Mark was a heroin addict, and where he derived the name for his book. At the age of 7 his dad took him to the ‘black neighborhood’ under false pretenses of getting ice cream. When he arrived he learned just how small he was in the great big world. He was put in his place on the field, so to say. But since that day, football was his one passion, and practices kept him busy. At the age of 14 his father took in his uncle Mark and tried to help him get clean. Jason had to see his uncle go through withdrawals, which he later would learn for himself. Jason’s grandmother had bought a vacation for his parents to Las Vegas. His parents were skeptical about leaving Mark behind in his condition, but they agreed to go. It was peculiar in the sense that his parents asked him to watch over his uncle. The first night alone Mark was nothing but fun for Jason and Mikey. They ate junk food and played ping pong. Jason even won a match against his unbeatable uncle, who had learned all his skills from being in and out of multiple rehabs. Mikey and Jason went to sleep, telling his uncle goodnight. The next morning Jason woke up to his uncle with a

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