Who Is Jesus Christ?

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The name Jesus Christ spawns multiple feelings throughout cultures. Jesus Christ is also a name that has impacted everyone in a monumental way and is impacting all aspects of society. No matter how you feel about Jesus Christ, it is insurmountable to deny the fact that he is not an impactful figure in the world we live in today. The question that is frequently asked about this ponderous figure is “who is Jesus”. This question does not hold only one individual answer, but withholds multiple answers. Depending on the culture, country, time, place, and especially who you ask, you will receive answers that all hold uniqueness. In less of an opinionated stance, the Holy Bible holds the answer to who exactly he is and why is such a conspicuous figure. To understand Jesus Christ and formulate an opinion on him, we must interpret the Holy Bible and construe his impact in not only today’s society, but history. There is no denying that the upbringing of a religious figure has caused mountainous affects in history; both positively and negatively. The destruction and saving of man has inevitably been a result of multiple religions throughout the world. Whether you fathom a mindset of acceptance or denial, Jesus Christ is one of the world’s most notable figures.

Although previously noted, the importance of understanding Jesus Christ is essential. So in a historical context, who is Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is considered the son of God and the messiah who sacrificed his own life in…

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