Who Is Jhony In The Aeneid

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The Aeneid is about a trojan war hero Aeneas that has a fate Led by the prophecies that promised him a future kingdom, he and his followers finally settled in Latium, a region of central Italy. he goes through a lot challenges and get throunh his fate and he hes heled by many god and godess throught out his journy he's the son of anchises and venus and a member of the royal family of troy. there many people who held him throught is jouny is his mother vevues who is a greek aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty,on olympus her husband is vulcan ; she is especially devoted to the trogains ; that she helps her son. on the other hand a another goodess who is dispess him try to delay his fate has long she can she is juno. she is patron
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