Who Is Joclyn Tracy's Autobiography?

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On the cold winter night of January 31, 2002, Joclyn Tracy was brought into this world. She was born with her head five centimeters larger than normal, but her parents Amy Shireman and Charles Tracy were still proud. Joclyn was born at a hospital in Jasper. She has eyes as dark as the night and only a little head of hair. As Joclyn grew to the age of two years old she began to move on foot. Trying to walk was a struggle for her. Joclyn’s toys were spread all around her room, so when she waddled in there she tumbled over a little bike. Joclyn hit her face on the wheel of the bike and it left a cut. After it healed up, a scare was left on the right side of her eye. But her left eye was not left untouched. When she started to walk faster

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