Who Is John Dewey

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John Dewey, the father of education, created a vision of education being the key to prepare people for citizenship. Dewey’s vision was the idea that school, would teach future citizens how to think critically in democratic situations. Essays such as Todd Gitlin’s, The Liberal Arts in an Age of Info-Glut, Leon Botstein’s Let Teenager’s Try Adulthood, and Diane Ravitch’s, Stop the Madness, help to prove high schools today are not doing enough to prepare citizens to achieve Dewey’s vision of people being able to critically think democratically.

In this age of mass media, we are faced with information, messages, and opinions. Every time one turns on the television or computer there are countless advertisements. Some trying to persuade one to buy a product, or vote for someone. There is no escape from persuasive media in
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Teachers should not be expected to teach to a test. Being able to test efficiently and think critically are two completely different entities. Today, there is way too much time spent focusing on test scores, rather than teaching how to think critically and be able to contribute to society. In Diane Ravitch’s, Stop the Madness, she argues that today’s society is way too concerned with standardized testing, rather than actual learning, “The most toxic flaw in NCLB was its legislative command that all students in every school must be proficient in reading and mathematics by 2014, including students with special needs, students whose native language is not English, students who are homeless and lacking in any societal advantage, and students who have every societal advantage but are not interested in their schoolwork”(Ravitch, paragraph 4). That is absolutely absurd. How is being proficient in test scores going to help one think critically like John Dewey would want? There needs to be, “less testing and more learning.” All standardized tests do, is take away from time in the
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